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How the heck did you find this site? The Badlands relocated in November of 2011!



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Minecraft Badlands
AndyFox42 / Nov 22, 2011
The server is officially upgraded to MC version 1.0! The transition was fairly smooth, all things considered. Just about everything works. Here is a list of issues that were observed in the changeover:

Skylands no longer works. They removed the code for it with the latest version of the game. I'm sure a plugin will come along soon that will fix it and we will re-introduce it as soon as possible.

Stargates are acting kind of funny. they still work, but when you click the sign to pick your destination, it doesn't change. If you know you want the second destination on the list though, you can click the sign twice and push the button and it'll still take you there. I'm not sure if this will get fixed or not, as the developer of Stargate is currently fighting with the Bukkit team and I think they even banned him from the Bukkit site, so we'll see. We can probably use Multiverse to get the job done instead if need be.

MobArena doesn't spawn bosses. If you start a new game in the arena, you can only play the first four rounds and the level 5 boss never shows up. This is a known issue and it should be fixed by the plugin developer soon (hopefully.)

If there are any other issues, please report them in the forums. Overall everything is working great, no lag, and we're once again seeing a large number of players on the server at a time. Remember to vote for us on Minestatus! (It's the white box at the top of the main page.)

See you in the Badlands (or the Highlands!)